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Posted by CaiWengi - June 6th, 2012

Couple new projects in the works, hoping to get one of them out within a fortnight or so, but that depends on what sponsors think really. Any suggestions for titles would be grand, here's the synopsis.

Game 1: Its a free roaming RPG, going to be very little in the way of quests and so on since the battle engine is such a beast. The battle engine involves a kind of columns play to it, and your units only attack when they have been formed into a line of 3, different combinations and special abilities, as well as you gaining experience and stats as well as each individual unit in your personal army.

Game 2: A mix between a mining game like Motherload, a game like Penguins Can Fly, but with mechanics of those lander games where you have to slower hover your craft down. You'll have your base from which you fly out from looking for rare minerals or items that you then have to fly back home. Upgrading your craft as you go, and also your base until eventually you can fly off your home planet and go on missions to neighbouring ones, then perhaps even neighbouring galaxies.

They're gonna be sick

Posted by CaiWengi - December 7th, 2008

Ray 3 is still going. This is gonna be really good. I expect 1000000ssss of profile comments as soon as its released :)

Im also working on some 1 hour games occasionly, just for a bit of fun.

And generally looking for artists to work with, so hit me up if your interested.


Posted by CaiWengi - July 8th, 2008

Current projects

Micro - Evolution in a flash
Its gonna be cool. You start of as a cell and work your way up buying upgrades and stuff to compete in an everchanging world to get food and other resources so you can then evolve again.

Warriors Quest
Generic RPG I guess. Completely free roaming RPG with loads of side quests and weapons. As well as statistics levelling up system and real time action battles.

Ray Part 3 Games
These are awesome. The graphics are god damn jaw dropping. This game is going to be big in the flash scene. Seriously its gonna be absolutely awesome. I cant reveal any details, but expect action, stratergy, customization and lots of blood and gore. As well as hyper realism.

Enjoy this awesome video from the legend himself.

/* */
Edit: Woo i got a mention on the frontpage of CoFlash, go me :]

Posted by CaiWengi - June 20th, 2008

I remember one of the things that got me into flash was the Ray series. Ive always loved the violence, and the multiple choice makes it all the more fun to see ray kill people in ultra violent ways. There hasnt been a new one for quite some time, however.

The creator of the first 2 is making a new one, and oh my god it is looking awesome. Hes dropped the south park esque style, in favour of what I think is incredibly realistic. Ive included a picture to show you what I mean. Theres alot more info on the game at Coflash.com.

Anyway the reason im telling you this is because im lucky enough to be coding some, if not all of the 'game' parts of the new Ray game. And its going to be amazing.

To remind you what ray is, heres the first one

For info then i could possibly explain, Coflash.com.


Posted by CaiWengi - June 12th, 2008

Ok so I continued with the Spear Rpg for a good way, I had shops and enemies better and health and inventory and so on. Then my hard drive dies.

So ive started again, heres what I have so far.

Shift - Attack
Control - Block
Arrows - Move


There is only one enemy to fight, but as you can see the combat is much improved. If anyone has any ideas please post here. Or any other critique

EDIT - Ive got alot further then here, so dont bother posting any obvious ideas. However id still appreciate some imaginative and creative ideas you think I might of missed. Ive took the link down since it serves no purpose anymore

Posted by CaiWengi - December 25th, 2007

Merry tuesday

I hope it is as good as last weeks