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Entry #6

New projects

2012-06-06 19:13:42 by CaiWengi

Couple new projects in the works, hoping to get one of them out within a fortnight or so, but that depends on what sponsors think really. Any suggestions for titles would be grand, here's the synopsis.

Game 1: Its a free roaming RPG, going to be very little in the way of quests and so on since the battle engine is such a beast. The battle engine involves a kind of columns play to it, and your units only attack when they have been formed into a line of 3, different combinations and special abilities, as well as you gaining experience and stats as well as each individual unit in your personal army.

Game 2: A mix between a mining game like Motherload, a game like Penguins Can Fly, but with mechanics of those lander games where you have to slower hover your craft down. You'll have your base from which you fly out from looking for rare minerals or items that you then have to fly back home. Upgrading your craft as you go, and also your base until eventually you can fly off your home planet and go on missions to neighbouring ones, then perhaps even neighbouring galaxies.

They're gonna be sick


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